Screen Printing VS Heat Transfers

Screamin Inc Screen Prints by Hand in the U.S.A. Most all other companies use the HEAT Transfer Process to apply their graphics. In order to apply a HEAT Transfer Your Skateboard is run between two rollers under immense hydrolic pressure. One of the rollers is Heated to 300 Degrees Fahrenheit! Your board is subject to this Tortures process three to four times in order to get the transfer to stick.Basically it’s like throwing your New Skateboard in the Oven at 300 Degrees Fahrenheit, and then running it over with your Car three times! Your Skateboard is Beat Down before you ever snap your first Ollie! BEWARE of HEAT Transferred boards! Look for the NO HEAT TRANSFER Sticker to Certify that your New Skateboard has NOT been put through the Tortures of the HEAT Transfer Process.